Seafarer meets family at the centre

This morning a crew member from MV JSP Rider, a feeder container vessel, met with his Aunt who travelled from Nottingham with her husband and daughters. Unfortunately due to operations on board the vessel had an earlier departure so the visit was cit short. The life of a Seafarer!

High Sheriff visit to Liverpool Seafarers Centre

Mr Jim Davies, High Sheriff of Merseyside, spent an afternoon ship visiting with Liverpool Seafarers Centre. On board MV Sunshine, the Captain and Crew were pleased to welcome The High Sheriff and gave a comprehensive tour of the vessel from the bridge to the engine room. Various members of the crew explained their respective role on board and discussed in general the life of the Seafarer, being away from home, family and friends for many months, the loneliness, isolation, monotony and routine. The High Sheriff expressed gratitude for the welcome on board and for all that Seafarers do to ensure that we have all our goods and services readily available. The visit ended with a tour of The Port of Liverpool, taking into consideration the vast estate and the diversity of cargoes handled.


Liverpool Seafarers Centre is proud to be recipients of two minibusses as part funded by the Maritime Funding Group, administered by MNWB. Seafarers (UK), Trinity House, ITFST and MNWB have each agreed to contribute towards this initiative.

Sea Sunday Service at St Mary’s Eastham

Liverpool Seafarers Centre was invited to St Mary’s Eastham to celebrate Sea Sunday on Sunday 28 August. Rev’d Beth Glover lead the service, The High Sheriff read the lesson, Bishop Keith, Bishop of Birkenhead, gave the address. Thank you to all for the wonderful welcome and the offer of support for the new Seafarers facility at Eastham Oil Terminal.